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Who we are

Sylvia Groves, FCIS, Acc.Dir.

President and Creative Director, Governance Studio

Adding Value to Every Seat at the Boardroom Table

“If your organization seeks to apply effective governance as a fundamental way to add value, Governance Studio may be a great fit for you.”

Private, public, co-operative, crown, charitable and not-for-profit boards appreciate working with Sylvia to enhance their governance programs for the benefit of their key stakeholders. Sylvia listens to each client’s unique needs and applies her decades of expertise to build the right systems and processes for each individual organization. “There is no one size fits all here – to be effective, governance has to fit the specific company and its particular culture and operations,” notes Sylvia.

As a self-proclaimed “governance nerd” who believes in the power of transparency, ethics and continuous improvement to add value, Sylvia has spent over two decades honing her craft. “I learn new things from every project I undertake and every new colleague I meet – I just love hearing how organizations govern to add value!” says Sylvia.

She has a special affinity for helping Corporate Secretaries, who are often the unsung heroes of good governance. Governance Studio focusses on practical governance solutions:

  • developing and implementing governance programming that adds value for each unique organization
  • working with boards to find new members with the right skills profiles
  • building programs to orient new directors so they can hit the ground running
  • confidentially evaluating boards and providing concrete recommendations for improvement
  • auditing entire governance programs to streamline processes and enhance practices
  • picking out the right-fit best practices for an organization and implementing them
  • teaching staff the fundamentals of great minute writing and the role of the Corporate Secretary

Sylvia consults, facilitates and speaks professionally. She created Governance Studio from her award-winning work with one of Canada’s foremost governance leaders. Her expertise and no-nonsense practical advice has helped thousands of corporate secretaries and directors enhance the effectiveness of their boards and their organizations.

In 2013, Sylvia was named a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators. In 2014, she received the Excellence in Governance Distinguished Contribution Award from the Governance Professionals of Canada and in 2016 she became an Accredited Director.

Sylvia is the author of the highly acclaimed book: AAA+ Minutes™  – The Three Must-Do Fundamentals And 100s Of Practice Tips For Writing Minutes That Protect Your Organization And Its Directors.

She is a regular speaker at national conferences in Canada, the US and internationally and facilitates governance events, workshops and board discussion sessions.